Welcome to the self assessment of the ELAQF Qualification Standards of the European Logistics Association.

Mind the Gap

The aim of this tool is for you to find out where you stand vis-à-vis the ELAQF Qualification Standards.
You can do the assessment based on your current function or on the function that you would aim for. A list of typical job titles is presented. By selecting the function you start the assessment on the level corresponding with the chosen function.

We suggest to take the test for all the modules (9) that are in the standards, however you are not obliged to take all the modules.
You can skip by just clicking on the 'next' flash.
By using the 'X' button you leave the test without generating any results. You can start over at any time.

This test is free of charge without any buying obligations at any time. By taking this test you agree that our National Certification Centre might contact you to advise on the gaps.

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